Kráľova hoľa
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    Kráľova hoľa is a huge mountain with a large top situated in the eastern part of the Low Tatras. This part of Tatras is therefore called "Kráľova hoľa Tatras". The top is elongated in the east - west direction. In the north there is a short crotch Záturňa, falling steeply to the Čierny Váh (Black Váh) valley in the Teplická kotlina (Teplická Basin). In the north-east there is a long crotch that goes through Úplaz, Predná hoľa to the saddleback of Popová, where the Low Tatras meet with the Slovenský Raj (Slovak Paradise) National Park. A short crotch goes to the Kráľova skala (King's Rock) at the Telgárt village in the south. There is an impressive view from the top.
    Together with the Kriváň peak is Kráľova hoľa the most famous peak in Slovakia. There are a lot of folk songs and legends about it. It is also a very important triangulation point of Slovakia, a place where the biggest rivers in Slovakia (Váh - respectively the Čierny Váh, Hron, Hornád and Hnilec) have its spring.
    The top in the west of the transmitter is assigned by a concrete triangulation column. The partisan troop "Jánošík" has its shelters and stores right below the top during the World War 2. Several partisan troops went trough the Kráľova hoľa in fall and winter of 1944 and 1945. The memorial at the obelisk column recalls the memories of the World War 2. A TV transmitter was built here in 1960. Also an asphalt road was build in order to connect the transmitter with the village Šumiac (closed for public). There is also a emergency shelter for tourists in the building of the TV transmitter.

Kráľova hoľa



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