Demänovská jaskyňa slobody (The Demänovská Cave of Freedom)
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    The Demänovská Cave of Freedom is situated in the Demänovská Valley and is the most beautiful cave of the large system of caves, in the north of the Low Tatras. It was created in blue-grey (guttenstein) Triassic calcites and has six floors.
    River Demänovka flows through its lowest floor and dips in Lúčky. It rises on the surface in a massive karst stemming point - called Vyvieranie, close to the mouth of small side valley with the same name. The Demänovská Cave of Freedom is unique with quantity and variety of stalactite formations of all types. Apart from white stalactites, we can find here also yellow, pink, red and even purple stalactites (because of iron compounds). Here and there appears grey, dark-green up black coloration (because of manganese compounds). At the bottom lie little sinter lakes with various stalactite and stalagmite formations (Zlaté - Golden, Koralové - Atoll, Leknové - Water Lily, Perlové - Pearl's, Hroznové lake - Grape). Cave pearls in the form of pea balls in the Big Dome, frost stalactites, Stone Sun in Klenotnica (Treasury House) and water lily lakes with rococo style dolls in the Pink Dome are rarity of the cave. All stalactite and stalagmite formations are still growing, with high gloss, what is very rare in other caves. This is the reason why is the cave so attractive for domestic as well as foreign visitors.
    Demänovská Cave of Freedom was discovered by A. Král and A. Mišura in 1921. The cave was opened for the public in 1921, after pathways and electric lights were built up. Current entrance was digged out in 1930. It is situated in the west of the slope Točište at the altitude of 870 m (50 m above the bottom of the valley). Together with the neighbouring cave Pustá jaskyňa has the cave the total length of 8 900 m.



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