Demänovská dolina (Demänovská Valley) - Jasná
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    Demänovská Valley is the most famous and the most visited valley in the Low Tatras. It is 15 km long and is the main tourist centre in the northern side of the Low Tatras ridge.
    Geographically and geologically it consists of two different parts: the upper part is closer to the main Low Tatras ridge. It consists of granite and creates a huge complex of valleys. The lower part consists of limestone and is very rangy. The upper part looks like a quadrangle with four peaks: Siná (1560 m) in the north-west, Krakova hoľa (1751 m) in the north-east, Ďumbier (2043 m) in the south-east and Poľana (1889 m) in the south-west. The Chopok peak (2024 m) is the most dominant peak in the middle of the southern side of the valley. The massif of Ostredok (1211 m) is in the north from the Chopok peak. The Demänovka and Zadná voda creeks flow both through the valley. Glaciers from the Ice Age created huge glacier valleys and moraines with Vrbické pleso (Vrbické Mountain-lake) and Lukové pliesko (Lukové Mountain-lake).
    The lower part looks like a deep limestone canyon. It arose at the place where the creeks Demänovka and Zadné Vody meet together. The both creeks, before they meet, merge into ground and create world famous system of the Demänovské caves. The Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa (Demänovská Ice Cave) and the Demänovská jaskyňa slobody (Demänovská Cave of Freedom) are open to public.
    The valley was inhabited already during Paleolit (2 mil. years ago). The evidence was found in the cave Okno (Window). Later it was abandoned for a long time. Only in the 18-19-th century it was inhabited again by miners who mined iron ore in the region. Houses of shepherds and wood cutters were the most common at that time. The valley became famous after the Demänovská Cave of Freedom was found in 1921. A road was built, too. Number of tourists visiting the valley expanded rapidly especially after an elevated wire-way from Jasná to Chopok was built.
    The village Demänovská Dolina (Demänovská Valley) was founded on August 1, 1964 by uniting the settlements of Tri Studničky (Three Wells), Jaskyne (Caves), Repiská, Lúčky (Meadows) and Jasná. There is a lot of hiking facilities in the village. A large number of marked tourist trails cross the village. Moreover, there are plenty of walking trails in the village if you are not interested in hiking.
    The name "Jasná" was originally used only for upper parts of the Demänovská Valley, but later it was used also for other parts of the valley (surroundings of the Vrbické Mountain-lake, Záhradky). The village is situated in the protected area of the National park of the Low Tatras (NAPANT). There are lots of boarding and lodging facilities, elevated wire-ways and ski-lifts in the region.



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