Liptovský Ján
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    Liptovský Ján is a gate to the Jánska Valley, rich on natural beauties, caves, flora, fauna, thermal water and mineral springs. At the same time it is an important tourist and recreational centre suitable for winter as well as summer vacation.
    The first written notice about the village is from the year 1327. The healing springs in Liptovský Ján were popular already in the 14-th century. Mineralogist Juraj Werner wrote about them in his book: "About the Healing Springs in Ungarn", published in Switzerland in 1549. Later, Matej Bel and Dionýz Štúr wrote about the springs, too. In 1963 a new thermal spring with temperature 29,4 °C was drilled in the depth 95 m. A healing house Rudolf was built close to it. Thermal water is used in swimming pools in another healing house Máj. It was proved that water really has positive healing effects esp. on skin illnesses, illnesses of kinetic system, metabolism, gynaecologic, neurological, heart and vessels illnesses.

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